About us

In 2013 Kalyani Foundation started a small school in Sri-Lanka where children could follow free IT lessons, so they have a chance for a better future. Overtime we extended to 5 computer schools in different areas within district Buttala. In 2018 we also added English lessons to our program, where retired teachers from the Netherlands travelled to Sri-Lanka to teach on our schools. Due to Covid-19, sadly one by one the schools closed. Children are simply afraid to go to school, leaving us with 2 schools with a few student.  So, we challenged ourselves:

,,How can we still give children free education to give them a chance for a better future?”.

We tried online classes with the teachers, but the internet connection wasn’t good enough. After some brainstorming we came to this briljant idea to set up an online classroom were we can share our knowledge and record our IT- and English lessons. Though we started of course with helping the children in Sri-Lanka, we decided to make this platform available for everyone. So this means that all the children in the world can take free lessons!

Besides this project we’ve been doing do a lot of other projects in the past 10 years, so if you want to know more then you should visit our website. But be aware, since we are a foundation from the Netherlands our website is dutch!


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