Levels of E-learing

1. Kids

For kids from 4-7 years, we decided to work with a lot of pictures and movies which has been created by our own instructors. It’s been proven that our brain remembers things better when pictures and words are combined. So, this way the smaller kids will learn easier and faster and it’s also fun at the same time. Another benefit is that the kids will indirectly also learn English.

2. Juniors

For children between the age 8-14 years, we decided to make it a bit more serious. We use PowerPoint presentations, which still do contain a lot of pictures, but they can also see there instructor talking and explaining. For older children it’s better to see who is actually given the lesson next to the lesson material and at this age the brain works already a bit different.

3. Advanced

For the age 15 and older the Powerpoint slides are from a university level and the instructor will also speak English on the same level. We explain more details and go more in depth about a certain topic and that’s what makes the advanced category really something for older children or even adolescents.  But if you are older then 14 but you still find it difficult to follow this lesson, then we recommend you to just follow the junior lesson first. There is no shame in that! Learn at your own pace…

Later you can always come back to the advanced lesson and we promise you that you will understand it better.

What is E-learing

E-learning is actually following a lesson as you normally do when you sit in a classroom with your schoolmates, except now you can follow the lesson online behind your computer. It’s as simple as that!

Benefits of E-learing

The benefit of e-learning is that:

  • you can follow a lesson whenever you want;
  • you can learn on your own pace;
  • you can watch the same lesson over and over again;
  • you can do small exams to test your knowledge and skills;
  • you receive your certificates online;
  • and you can e-mail the instructor for questions.

Another benefit is that in Kalyani’s Online Classroom everything is for free! So, you can gain a lot of knowledge for free…the only thing you need to put in to it is effort and time!

How E-learing works

Kalyani tried to make our E-Learning program as simple as possible for all different ages. Therefor you can find the following age categories:

  • Kids: Age 4-7 years
  • Junior: Age 8-14 years
  • Advance: 14 years and older

First pick the correct category, based on your own age. Then decide based on your knowledge what topic could be interesting for you to follow. Maybe your parents can help you out with this or an instructor. For every topic we have multiple lessons and we recommend you to go through the lessons as they are listed, so start with lesson 1 and then work your way down.

When you followed all the lessons from your choice of topic, you can do a small exam to test your knowledge. This is really for fun and for you to find out how well you understood all the lessons. If you find out that you didn’t answer some question correctly, then you can always follow the specific lesson again.

For every topic that you’ve rounded up you will receive a certificate for attendance.


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